The Best Season

For many people spring is the best season of all: the world is blooming with colour once again. Temperatures are rising. And the air literally seems to be buzzing with positive energy and an optimistic mood. It is with this spirit that the Esprit Spring collection season 2017 starts.

In so doing, our models Abrielle, Adam, Adeng, Alasdair, Shea, Amanda, Annie and Jess don't only present the new spring styles and trends. With the hashtags #ImLove, #ImCourage, #ImFreedom and #ImChange, they also express strong personal statements demonstrating what they have within. The attitude behind it: pursue your ideals. Be couragous and follow your dreams, even if this path is not always straightforward. Discover freedom outside of your comfort zone. Love what you do – and whoever or whatever makes you happy.

Positive Attitude
This positive attitude toward life is also mirrored in the Esprit Spring collection. With radiant colours, light fabrics and textures – and, first and foremost: vibrant stripes! Be it bold or slim, colourful or black and white - they characterise the look of the season. This is true for casual and business outfits as well as for beachwear and accessories. This is complemented by New Bohemian floral patterns, paisleys and ornate details. Applications in boho style turn basics such as blouses or dresses into special fave items for every day. And for those who love things to be especially uncomplicated: brightly-coloured uni-colour jumpsuits are an ideal companion for all occasions.